An Overview on Sports Gambling in the U.S.

The sports betting industry in the United States alone generates billions of dollars in revenue every month. It has become a big part of the overall gambling industry that includes horse racing, poker, real money slots and casino table games. When you throw in how much money is also spent on lottery tickets and other […]

Different types of games in an online casino

Online casinos Online casinos are something new to us and they came into existence when someone decided to move the typical setup of a casino to a completely digital form and provide people with the same kind of experience and service they would typically expect at a proper physical casino setup. A normal casino is […]

Where Will the Top Free Agents End Up?

How close are we to baseball season? Now that the holidays are officially in the rearview mirror, we can say baseball will be played “this year” instead of “next year.” That’s exciting stuff, but it’s likely not as exciting for the incredible number of big leaguers still looking to score a contract for 2019 and […]

Boston Red Sox have a World Series Trend in their Favor

The 2018 World Series is making history even before the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers take the field for Game 1 at Fenway Park on Tuesday night. How so? Well, it’s the first time these two franchises have faced one another in a Fall Classic since 1916. The Dodgers weren’t in LA and […]

Don’t Look Now, But Here Come the Astros

Everything is clicking right now for the Houston Astros. The 103-win squad entered what many thought would be a hard-fought ALDS with the Cleveland Indians, but they officially put that notion to rest by completing a three-game sweep on Monday. They’re now the first reigning champions to return to the ALCS the following year since […]

The Top 10 Players for May

We’ve reached that magical part of the MLB regular season schedule, you guys.Yes, there are still four months of play left before October hits. However, with two months officially in the books and Memorial Day in the rearview mirror, sample sizes are big enough to actually start drawing concrete conclusions from. We’ve also reached an […]

The Early “Fab Four” Teams In Major League Baseball

We’re somewhere around 15% through the 2018 Major League Baseball season, and as you might expect, the early races for the top of each division in the MLB is still fluid. Even some of the best teams in the league – a few of whom we’ll talk about on this list – still face competition […]

10 Young MLB Players Who Needed a Fast Start to 2018

Major League’s Baseball’s 162-game regular season schedule is a marathon, not a sprint. While every ballplayer will always take a hot start over a slow one, the fashion in which they begin a season is by no means a guarantee as to how they will perform the rest of the way. A lot can happen […]

Evan Longoria Trade a Good Start, But Shouldn’t Be the End for Retooling Giants

J.D. Martinez Option number one is without question unrestricted free agent J.D. Martinez. The Giants are going to have to open up their wallet if they want to lure Martinez to the Bay Area, facing stiff competition from a number of potential suitors including the Boston Red Sox. Then again, the Giants were apparently prepared to […]

Pirates Start the 2nd Half Looking to Make Moves in the NL Central Standings

Pittsburgh Pirates’ MLB Season 2017 is the team’s 136th season overall, and the 131st season as a member team of National League, and additionally their 17th season at their home stadium at PNC Park since 2001. The team has played in National League since 1887 and Central Division since 1994. The franchise was born on […]

FanDuel and DraftKings To Strategically Merge Equals

DraftKings and FanDuel, fantasy sports tech companies, agreed to a merger that is expected to be finished as early as this year, with financial details not being disclosed. Bringing together 2 important fantasy sports innovators is going to better serve players while also reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency. The main focus of the merger […]

Remember that the Wild Card cuts both ways

There is no major American sport that treats its first division runner-up worse than baseball does. In the NFL, the team with the best record that fails to win a division plays the worst division winner in the Wild Card Round. The division-winner gets home-field advantage, but often has a worse record than the wild […]

Game whatever who cares: Braves 8 Pirates 4

Here is what I would like explained to me: How on Earth can you go through a trade deadline and behave like a team that believes its playoff chances are not completely extinguished this year, then put Jeff Locke on the mound 48 hours later? And if you do go ahead and put Jeff Locke […]

The Pirates are not giving up, they are operating within a budget

The underlying implications of what the Pirates did at the trade deadline are still awfully worrisome to me, 48 hours later. By trading Mark Melancon while still in the Wild Card race, the Pirates more or less said that future value will always be considered vs. present value, even when present value has a direct […]

Pirates swept at Miller Park. Again.

Here’s the thing about an easy schedule: it doesn’t do much good if you don’t beat the bad teams that make the schedule easy. The Pirates went into Miller Park this weekend playing relatively good baseball, then scored six times in three games in being swept at Miller Park for the ten millionth time in […]

Pirates trade Mark Melancon to the Nationals

I have a sneaking suspicion that in a year or two, we’re going to look back at the Mark Melancon trade and call it a win for the Pirates. Felipe Rivero is 25 years old with a fastball that hits 100 mph, his peripheral numbers this year are already great, and he’ll finish this year with […]

Some thoughts on trading Mark Melancon

As we ramp up to the deadline, a lot of discussion around the Pirates this year has involved Mark Melancon. The situation as it stands is this: the Pirates have a decent shot at making the playoffs this year, but are not favorites to do so; depending on your favorite playoff odds site, they’re somewhere […]