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Game 99: Dodgers 5 Pirates 2

I suppose it was unreasonable to hope that the Pirates would win all 67 games that they played after the All-Star Break, so a game against Hyun-Jin Ryu seems like as good a place as any for the Bucs to take their first post-Break loss. Really, they were never in this game at all. Edinson […]

Power out

Lackluster lineups

The Pirates and Dodgers are two of the eight teams participating in what seems like it’s going to be a mad dash for five National League playoff spots this year, but you’d hardly know it from tonight’s lineups. Yasiel Puig and Hanley Ramirez are both on the shelf for the Dodgers with various ailments, while […]


Late Recap (Or early recap, whatever) — Game 98: Pirates 5 Rockies 3

In the last few months, I’ve dug pretty deep into Mike Duncan’s great history podcasts. His The History of Rome is more or less essential listening if you’re interested in that particular type of history. Since Rome concluded, he’s started on Revolutions, which is a tour of, well, revolutions, through the Western world; how the English Civil Wars […]

John Locke quote

Jeff Locke looks to lead Pirates to sweep of Rockies

As crazy as it seems, if the Pirates can finish off their sweep of the Rockies at PNC Park this afternoon, there’s a pretty decent chance that most of the damage done by their 2-5 week against the Cardinals and Reds will be washed out before the first full week after the All-Star Break begins. […]

Mercer County Courthouse

Game 97: Pirates 3 Rockies 2

I don’t know why, but I didn’t really feel like the Pirates were going to lose this game when Carlos Gonzalez hit the two-run homer in the seventh inning that turned a 1-0 Pirate lead into a 2-1 deficit. Given that the Pirates are still afloat in the wild card race and the NL Central […]


The second half climb continues

Last night was a nice win for the Pirates, in the way that it’s always nice when a good team finds a way to beat a bad team. The Pirates probably played closer to poor than they did to well, but Francisco Liriano pulled himself together after two rough innings and the Pirates’ offense strung […]

alarm clock

Francisco Liriano tries (again) to get back on track

I’ve written quite a bit about the Pirates’ situation in the last two days, so tonight is easy: Francisco Liriano is probably the first or second most important piece to getting the Pirates back into the playoffs in the second half. In his last start on Sunday, his stuff looked OK but his control was […]

Shifting shifts

“More goes into it [shifting] than stopping ground balls from getting through. It’s more about getting hitters to change their approach.”

Clint Barmes, in David Manel’s excellent piece about the Pirates’ shifts at Bucs Dugout. Go read the whole thing.

Andrew McCutchen connects

Leading off and playing center field for the National League …

Andrew McCutchen’s history with the Pittsburgh Pirates coincides nearly perfectly with the genesis of this blog. I started writing in April of 2005, and McCutchen was drafted two months later in June. Actually, I was not terrible impressed with the Pirates’ selection: [McCutchen] put up some amazing numbers in his senior year of high school, […]


Game 95: Reds 6 Pirates 3

Of course, everything that I wrote in my pre-game post about this past week not being so bad and the Pirates being in decent shape going into the All-Star Break all presupposed a situation in which the Pirates won this afternoon. Instead, Francisco Liriano lost his control after the first inning, served up a home […]

Pasadena Architectural Salvage

Salvage operation

After Friday night’s Tony Watson meltdown and last night’s Charlie Morton implosion, it felt like the Pirates were on a train ride directly into All-Star Break Hell after an awful week against two division opponents. Then, Andrew McCutchen put on his cape, bailed the team out, and now the Bucs are one win away from […]


Game 94: Pirates 6 Reds 5

I tried to stay away. Really, I did. There was just one hitch to my plan: I didn’t actually have anything else to do tonight, so my plan to avoid the Pirates was to hole up in my apartment and watch TV on my iPad. My iPad that flashes a notification whenever runs are scored […]


I think I’m sitting this one out

I have had too much late inning Pirate shenanigans for one week, I think. Charlie Morton pitches for the Pirates against Mike Leake. It’s hard to say any of these game are “must win” because the Pirates have lost pretty much every single game you could put that label on this year and will still […]