Game 19: Brewers 3 Pirates 2

Really, there are only two points that I’d like to make after this game. The first is this: It’s a problem when the Pirates score a run in the bottom of the eighth inning to take a 2-1 lead and your first thought is, “Goddammit, this means Grilli will come in to close out the […]


Gerrit Cole tries to get the Pirates a split with the Brewers

What I would really like to see today is the Pirates win by a score of, say, 4-1. Seven solid innings from Gerrit Cole and enough hits to make the game not all that close. I dunno, not much else to say this morning. First pitch is at 1:35. Image credit: Jackie on Flickr


Game 18: Brewers 8 Pirates 7

I don’t want to put too much stock into any individual April baseball game, but this is a pretty tough loss to swallow. The Pirates went into the seventh inning with a two-run lead despite Wandy Rodriguez spending four innings throwing floating meatballs to Brewer hitters, and then the Pirates’ best relievers served up two […]


Pirates activate Chris Stewart, demote Tony Sanchez

The Pirates officially announced today that Chris Stewart has been activated from the disabled list and Tony Sanchez will be sent back to Triple-A. There has been a lot of discussion about this move over the course of the season since Sanchez is off to a hot start with his bat. I’m personally a bit […]


Some thoughts on the Ike Davis/Zack Thornton trade

I didn’t get to see any of the Pirates and Brewers tonight, so I’m not going to spend any time recapping it; they left guys on base, Charlie Morton was frustrating, he gave up another homer to a righty, someone hit the cover off of the ball, and the Pirates lost. I’ll talk more about […]


Building on a blowout

After last night’s fun win, it seems like a fair goal to hope that the Pirates can get two out of three of the rest of their Easter weekend series against Brewers to help put last week’s sweep way back in our memories. If Morton’s surprising success last year was built on the increased velocity […]

braun strikeout volquez

The best pitch that Edinson Volquez made last night

It’s fine if you’re still skeptical of Edinson Volquez despite his strong start to 2014. It’s kind of crazy not to be, to be honest. Volquez has been one type of pitcher his entire career, and suddenly after a few months with the Pirates, he looks like something else entirely. It’s going to be a […]


Game 16: Pirates 11 Brewers 2

I’m trying to think of the best way to describe Edinson Volquez’s start tonight, and I’ve settled on “shocking in its efficiency.” Volquez is a guy who’s never had a walk rate lower than 4.0 BB/9, and tonight he cruised through seven innings on just 77 pitches, throwing 53 of them for strikes. He only […]


Return to PNC

The Pirates’ road trip got ugly after they left Wrigley Field last week, so the good news is that they’re back at PNC Park for a week starting tonight. They’re playing the same two Brewers and Reds teams that they dropped six of seven to on the road, of course, but I suppose we can […]


Game 15: Reds 4 Pirates 0

One of the difficult things about the early part of the baseball season is that it’s relatively easy to swap causes and effects with each other and end up tumbling down a rabbit hole of overthinking that can drive a fan crazy. Let’s start with a simple statement: the Pirates are 7-8, and they have […]


Francisco Liriano tries to get back on track

One of the big questions surrounding the Pirates all winter was whether Francisco Liriano would be able to replicate his fantastic 2013 season, given that he’s never managed to put together two good seasons at any other point in his career. Through three starts, Liriano turned in a solid Opening Day performance against the Cubs, […]


Game 13: Pirates 8 Reds 7 / Game 14: Reds 7 Pirates 5

Please excuse me while I try to get back into the swing of writing recaps. Before I get there, let me say this: a lot of you said a lot of exceptionally nice things about the piece I wrote about my grandfather last week. I didn’t have time to respond to everyone individually since the […]


Catching up

First things first: The Pirates and Reds will play 1 1/3 baseball games at Great American Ballpark tonight, starting at 5:30. The first game will be the resolution of last night’s homerfest, in which the Pirates and Reds combined to hit ten home runs in six innings, only to be tied at seven with the […]


A weekend in Milwaukee

It’s early, of course, but the Pirates and Brewers will play three games in Milwaukee this weekend with first place in the NL Central on the line. The Pirates’ 6-3 start includes a number of pretty fortunate wins (four of those six wins are against the Cubs and by one run, a fifth of the wins […]