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Trade deadline Tuesday: A roundup, and a few thoughts

I haven’t been posting much about the trade deadline to this point, because I’m just not sure there’s a ton to talk about that’s different than what’s already been discussed. Let’s do a quick rundown of what I haven’t discussed yet, based on the Pirates’ MLB Trade Rumors page. The Pirates seem interested in LaTroy […]


Game 105: Pirates 5 Giants 0

Over the weekend in Colorado, the Pirates scored two runs combined off of Brett Anderson, Tyler Matzek, and Franklin Morales. That seemed to more or less make official the idea that the Pirates just cannot hit left-handed pitching this year, particularly not while Starling Marte is on the disabled list. The first two games of […]

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A week of important late-night baseball

Now that we’re essentially down to two months of regular season baseball left and the National League is still clumped to the point that there are legitimately seven or eight teams that could finish the season in the playoffs (or even with the NL’s best record), the Pirates’ schedule basically breaks down like this: teams […]


The Late Recap — Game 104: Pirates 7 Rockies 5

This is the game was more or less what I expected the first two games of the series to be like; runs for both teams, with the Pirates taking advantage of altitude and the terrible Rockies’ bullpen to pull out a win. Of course, the Pirates needed to do both things to escape Denver with […]

Do better

Remember what I said on Friday about relentless pennant races? The Pirates are 2-3 this week and they’ve lost 2 1/2 games to the Brewers. Either nip this in the bud now, or risk not having a chance to do it later. The Rockies send another terrible lefty to the mound today in the form […]

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Sunday morning: Roster depth and AJ Burnett

In the wake of these two embarrassing losses in Colorado (which, I dunno, I guess I’ll say more about in the preview for today’s game), there’s been a lot of focus on the Pirates’ current roster construction. That’s because the Pirates have both Michael Martinez and Brent Morel on the active roster, and since the […]

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The Pirates face another lefty

At this point, seeing the Pirates line up against another left-handed pitcher makes me feel like I’m Superman and I’ve been in a room with Kryptonite for a week. With Starling Marte out, Brent Morel will start at third base again. Honestly, I have to keep checking to see if his name is Brett or […]


Pennant races are relentless

There is not going to be much time to breathe in the National League in the second half of this season. The Pirates have won five of six out of the break, and now they go on the road to play the Rockies in Denver. That means that they need two or three more wins […]

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The evolving Pirate offense

The Pirates’ offensive turnaround this year has been a big topic of discussion lately. You likely know the basics. They’re fourth in the National League in runs scored despite playing in a pitcher-friendly park, their position players have a 110 OPS+, and their on-base percentage of .334 is the best in all of baseball. As […]

Franciso Liriano and the value of a slider

The bottom line is that if you take Liriano’s wSL/C from last season at face value and extrapolate it into 2014, Liriano would have saved himself 9 runs; the difference between his current ERA of 4.43 and a projected ERA of 3.43.

Great work at Beyond the Box Score that goes much more in depth on Liriano’s slider, which has been a point of conversation in the last two weeks or so. Check the whole thing out.

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Game 101: Pirates 6 Dodgers 1

If Tuesday night’s win was unnecessarily complicated for the Pirates, this one was nice and easy. Dan Haren looked terrible in the first inning and the Pirates made him pay for it; of the nine batters that came to the plate in the first, the Pirates had three hits, drew three walks, hit two hard […]

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Like a broken record: Francisco Liriano once again tries to find himself

Rather than re-hashing the same old same old “The Pirates need Francisco Liriano back on track to contend” that gets trotted out every time he starts, let’s take a minute a check out his Brooks Baseball page to see if the narrative that he’s looked better since his return from the disabled list except for […]

Mom and Dad at the Pirate game

Game 100: Pirates 12 Dodgers 7

Let’s start here: since 2005, my Mom has been asking me to be in a post on WHYGAVS. If we’re being honest, I can’t ever tell how serious she is about it or if she’s just giving me a hard time (I mean, I hardly ever put MYSELF on WHYGAVS, geez, Mom, don’t you want […]


The clock is ticking for Vanimal

Vance Worley probably doesn’t have much time left in the Pirates’ rotation. Between the rumors that the Pirates are interested in acquiring a starter and Gerrit Cole’s recovery from his lat problem, it’s hard to imagine Worley’s got more than a couple of starts left as a Pirate. Tonight, he’ll face off against Josh Beckett […]


A few words about the trade deadline

With nine days left until the trade deadline, I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that this year’s deadline is going to be a lot like last year’s. In the National League, the top eight teams are within four games of each other (not four games of a playoff spot; four games of each other) and in […]