After the winter meetings, what’s next for the Pirates?

The winter meetings ended in an insane flurry starting at or around the time Pirates finished the Antonio Bastardo trade on Wednesday. The Dodgers and Marlins both went completely nuts remaking their rosters, the Reds traded away 40% of their rotation (on the bright side they kept Mike Leake, but on the bad side they also […]

Pirates close to acquiring Antonio Bastardo from Phillies

Obviously we don’t know much else; I’ll update when a deal is official. I will say that Bastardo is only a year away from free agency, so I’d be pretty shocked to see the Pirates give much up for him. There were some “Travis Snider for Brian Matusz” rumblings earlier today, but Snider feels like […]

Pirates re-sign Francisco Liriano to three-year/$39 million deal

I’ve been grading for like six hours now and my brain feels like chewed bubblegum, so I’m going to save the analysis for after dinner, but the Pirates re-signed Francisco Liriano to a three-year deal with $39 million this afternoon (first report here, MLB Trade Rumors round-up here).

Such is the eternal state of the Pittsburgh Pirates that I can tell you that a 3-year/$39 million deal is the largest free-agent deal in team history without even having to check (I’m sure I’m not the first or only person to make that observation today), but hey, every bar has to be raised from somewhere.

Anyway, like I said, more later.

This is a cute puppy being disturbed from his nap

Winter Meetings Day 1 recap: ZzzZZZzzzzZZZZzz

Here is a full and complete list of things the Pirates did at the Winter Meetings today (THAT WE KNOW ABOUT): Claimed Josh Lindblom and ditched some guy that you and I both forgot they had claimed at some point in the last five months. My Josh Lindblom scouting report: he is a human being. […]

Meet here

The Winter Meetings are here

Baseball’s annual Winter Meetings officially kick off in San Diego today, so if you feel like this has been a boring winter for the Pirates (they’ve actually made quite a few moves, but they’ve more or less been all boring moves), it’s likely that that’s going to change. I’ve been busy with the end of […]

Swiss Army Knife

Pirates acquire Sean Rodriguez from Rays, DFA Gaby Sanchez

As I was getting ready for bed last night, it occurred to me that I hadn’t written about the Pirates in over a week and that I needed to put something together since we’re headed into the heart of Hot Stove season now that Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is still more than three weeks […]

Zach Duke got $15 million from the White Sox

Zach Duke signed a three-year/$15 million contract with the White Sox yesterday based on his insane/improbable emergence as a relief ace with the Brewers last year. Neil Weinberg at Beyond the Box Score was apparently fascinated by Duke’s breakout season last year and so he takes a look today at the value of one good year vs. a career of mediocrity.

It’s obviously only one season’s worth of innings from a reliever, but it’s about 60 fantastic innings not heavily distorted by a platoon. He faced a roughly equal number of righties and lefties and had pretty similar results. I’m not going to sit here and argue that the thousand innings that came before should get thrown out or that he’s a true talent relief ace based on one year of data, but he’s demonstrated the ability to perform at a high level with no BABIP luck, HR/FB% magic, or really well targeted appearances against weak lefties. He legitimately pitched well for those 60 innings.

Having watched Zach Duke pitch so much from 2005-2010, I find this all fascinating and a little unbelievable. Good for you, Zach Duke!

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Farewell and thank you, Russell Martin

Now that it’s more or less official that Russell Martin won’t be a Pirate in 2015, I have some mixed feelings. I don’t know how much money the Pirates offered Martin and I suspect that we won’t really know for sure (their negotiations with starting pitchers will be much more difficult if agents know how […]