Game 91: Cardinals 5 Pirates 2

This game was long and terrible and I don’t want to spend much more time thinking about it, so let’s do bullet points: At one point in I think the third inning, the ESPN announcers mentioned that the Cardinals had fouled something like 17 of Brandon Cumpton’s 60 pitches off. On most nights, that would […]

Get up

Tonight’s goal: do better

Look, I can’t spend much more time talking about the bullpen or the Pirates’ record against the non-Cubs teams in the NL Central. The bullpen needs to pitch better in close games that they don’t have a lead in, and the Pirates need to win games against the Cardinals, Cubs, and Reds. That’s it. Starling […]


The trouble with the bullpen

If you want to look at the first two games of this Pirates/Cardinals series with absolutely zero emotion and only with cold logic, the conclusion that you would probably draw is this: the Pirates have continued to play well this week, but a combination of bad luck and a thin bullpen has cost them two […]


Game 90: Cardinals 5 Pirates 4

The Cardinals have two walkoff home runs off of Justin Wilson and Ernesto Frieri in a series where Mark Melancon has thrown zero pitches. We sure have evolved an efficient model of bullpen usage here in the era of statistics and sabermetrics. Image credit: CPG Grey, Flickr

Super Balls


Four times this year, the Pirates have won the first game of a series against a division foe, only to drop the remaining two or three games remaining in the series. Since most of those series happened when the Pirates were struggling, the first win was encouraging and the subsequent losses were deflating.  The Pirates […]


Gerrit Cole goes back on the disabled list with strained lat

Clint Hurdle was evasive before last night’s game about Gerrit Cole’s status on Wednesday, and now we know why: Cole’s bullpen session didn’t go well and he’s headed back to the disabled list with his strained lat. There’s still not a whole lot else to go on here: the comments from both Hurdle and Cole […]

No running

Game 89: Cardinals 2 Pirates 0

In seven innings tonight, Charlie Morton allowed one hit (a first inning double through the shift by Matt Adams) and two walks. He only faced three hitters in the second, fourth, sixth, and seventh innings. He only threw 84 pitches. He gave up zero runs. In seven innings tonight, Adam Wainwright allowed seven hits and […]

The Gathering Storm (Judgment Day)

Judgment Week

The Pirates are 12-5 against the NL East. The Pirates are 9-4 against the NL West. The Pirates are 6-7 against the American League. The Pirates are 20-25 against the NL Central. The Pirates have only lost two series since the beginning of June; those two series were against NL Central teams. In short: the […]

Game 88: Pirates 6 Phillies 2

On June 19th, Jason Grilli (predictably) blew a save against the Reds, but the Pirates managed to come back and score a run in the 12th inning to scrape out a 4-3 win and salvage a game from the Reds. That brought the Bucs’ record to 35-37, fourth in the NL Central and 8 1/2 […]

Batmand and Robin cupcake

Batman and Robin

A few years ago, DC killed Batman. I mean, they didn’t really kill him; they shot him with a time-bullet or something and sent him hurtling back in spacetime so that he’d face to fight his way back to the present wearing a ridiculous pilgrim costume or whatever. The end result, though, was that Bruce […]


Some catching up on Saturday

Even with the ugly Friday night loss to the Diamondbacks, the Pirates are one win away from hitting the 11-win mark in this 16-game stretch against bad teams after yesterday afternoon’s win against the Phillies. That may come with a price, as Gerrit Cole was removed from yesterday’s start with lat soreness after five excellent […]

a broom

The value of a sweep

In the past week or so, looking at the standings has given me some mixed feelings. On the one hand, I’m happy to see the Pirates above .500, in the wild card mix, and still on the periphery of the NL Central race. They were so bad in April and parts of May that being […]