Francisco Liriano tries to get back on track

One of the big questions surrounding the Pirates all winter was whether Francisco Liriano would be able to replicate his fantastic 2013 season, given that he’s never managed to put together two good seasons at any other point in his career. Through three starts, Liriano turned in a solid Opening Day performance against the Cubs, […]


Game 13: Pirates 8 Reds 7 / Game 14: Reds 7 Pirates 5

Please excuse me while I try to get back into the swing of writing recaps. Before I get there, let me say this: a lot of you said a lot of exceptionally nice things about the piece I wrote about my grandfather last week. I didn’t have time to respond to everyone individually since the […]


Catching up

First things first: The Pirates and Reds will play 1 1/3 baseball games at Great American Ballpark tonight, starting at 5:30. The first game will be the resolution of last night’s homerfest, in which the Pirates and Reds combined to hit ten home runs in six innings, only to be tied at seven with the […]


A weekend in Milwaukee

It’s early, of course, but the Pirates and Brewers will play three games in Milwaukee this weekend with first place in the NL Central on the line. The Pirates’ 6-3 start includes a number of pretty fortunate wins (four of those six wins are against the Cubs and by one run, a fifth of the wins […]


Cadaco All Star Baseball, my grandfather, and me

On what must’ve been my six or seventh birthday, my dad gave me the late-80s version of the Cadaco All-Star Baseball. If you played it as a kid, you might know it as “the spinner baseball game.” It’s the one where baseball player’s faces were printed on discs, with the outer part of the disc […]


Game 7: Pirates 7 Cubs 6

The Pirates had to overcome a lot of unusual stuff to sneak out a win from the Cubs tonight. After the Pirates took a 4-0 lead against a really ineffective Edwin Jackson in the first inning, the Cubs fought back to tie the game on a three-run homer by Starlin Castro. Morton had only allowed […]


The first road trip of 2014

The Pirates play their first game of the year outside of PNC Park tonight at Wrigley Field against the Cubs, who we just so recently saw. Charlie Morton starts for the Pirates while Edwin Jackson goes for the Cubs. Emilio Bonifacio only went 3-for-12 in the Cubs’ three games against the Phillies, so his batting […]

Watch Gregory Polanco obliterate a baseball

There’s no Pirate game today and I think we’re all still a little down in the dumps from yesterday’s Jameson Taillon news, 4-2 record and Improbable Volquez aside, so here’s a clip of Gregory Polanco’s monster home run from yesterday. Enjoy!


Jameson Taillon, Tommy John surgery, and the Pirates’ pitching depth

Let’s start off up front: the news about Jameson Taillon’s Tommy John surgery is terrible. This sort of injury was the elephant in the room when Taillon and Cole were the Pirates’ only two truly elite prospects a couple of years ago, and it was a terrifying thought in 2011 and early 2012. The Pirates’ […]


Game 6: Pirates 2 Cardinals 1

One point that I try to drive home every year during March is that spring training results don’t matter so long as the player in question is working towards something. That was a particularly difficult task with Edinson Volquez this spring since so many questions exist around him, but obviously Volquez was progressing towards something in […]


The Edinson Volquez experiments launches today

Before anything else today, I want to redirect you to Jerry Crasnick’s piece about the Pirates’ coaching staff, their approach for helped wayward pitchers, and how they’ve tried to tackle Edinson Volquez this winter. I think that a lot of us, myself included at times, tended to chalk the Volquez signing up to borderline hubris […]


Francisco Liriano, Joe Kelly, and the early season

I never know what to do with myself for the first few weeks of baseball season; it’s always awesome when baseball comes back, but it’s incredibly hard to find meaning in anything that happens in the first few weeks of games. If you’re worried about how Francisco Liriano will hold up to a full season […]


Game 4: Pirates 12 Cardinals 2

There was a brief moment in time when the outcome of this game was in question. Gerrit Cole cruised through the Cardinals’ lineup the first time he faced them on the strength of his fastball, but it took a while for his other pitches to click. He ran into some trouble in the fourth inning, […]