Charlie Morton looks for his first win against the Reds

I’ve spent much of my focus on Francisco Liriano’s slow start to 2014, but the honest truth is that Charlie Morton is pretty close behind him in terms of frustration. It seemed like Morton was poised to take a big step forward in 2014 by combining his ground ball tendencies, his post-TJS velocity, and a […]


Game 21: Reds 4 Pirates 1

For six innings, Edinson Volquez matched Johnny Cueto out for out. He held the Reds to two base runners (one hit, one HBP), he was throwing all of his pitches where he wanted them, he was getting ahead of hitters and staying ahead. In the seventh, he got into some trouble, gave up a couple […]


Edinson Volquez faces his old team

The Edinson Volquez Redemption Tour stays at PNC Park tonight for Volquez’s first matchup of the season against the Cincinnati Reds team that he’s spent much of his career pitching for. Not so long ago, Volquez and Johnny Cueto represented a bright future for the Reds. Tonight, they’re mound opponents. As good as Volquez has […]


Francisco Liriano looked much more like himself last night

I glossed over the more analytical aspects of last night’s game in my recap from last night, but I wanted to follow up on Francisco Liriano’s start since I’ve been paying so much attention to his performance to start the year. I watched the ESPN feed last night (there was no ROOT feed last night […]


A few updates and thoughts on the Wandy Rodriguez situation

The news about Wandy Rodriguez hitting the disabled list for a knee problem came at the end of the work day yesterday, so I didn’t have a chance to post much about it. The situation is a bit clearer now, so getting a post together today is probably a little bit more useful anyway. There’s […]


Game 20: Pirates 6 Reds 5

These last few games have been awfully hard to recap or make any sense of. The Pirates didn’t play badly in any of their three losses to end the Milwaukee series and honestly could’ve swept the Brewers with any luck at all, but they also did some pretty specifically terrible things to ensure each of the […]


Francisco Liriano tries to right the ship

I’ve written quite a bit about Francisco Liriano’s early-season struggles before and after his start against the Reds last week. There are two things to watch tonight, I think. The first is just his overall velocity, which has been down enough in the early season to catch my eye. The second is his pitch selection against righties; […]


Game 19: Brewers 3 Pirates 2

Really, there are only two points that I’d like to make after this game. The first is this: It’s a problem when the Pirates score a run in the bottom of the eighth inning to take a 2-1 lead and your first thought is, “Goddammit, this means Grilli will come in to close out the […]


Gerrit Cole tries to get the Pirates a split with the Brewers

What I would really like to see today is the Pirates win by a score of, say, 4-1. Seven solid innings from Gerrit Cole and enough hits to make the game not all that close. I dunno, not much else to say this morning. First pitch is at 1:35. Image credit: Jackie on Flickr


Game 18: Brewers 8 Pirates 7

I don’t want to put too much stock into any individual April baseball game, but this is a pretty tough loss to swallow. The Pirates went into the seventh inning with a two-run lead despite Wandy Rodriguez spending four innings throwing floating meatballs to Brewer hitters, and then the Pirates’ best relievers served up two […]


Pirates activate Chris Stewart, demote Tony Sanchez

The Pirates officially announced today that Chris Stewart has been activated from the disabled list and Tony Sanchez will be sent back to Triple-A. There has been a lot of discussion about this move over the course of the season since Sanchez is off to a hot start with his bat. I’m personally a bit […]


Some thoughts on the Ike Davis/Zack Thornton trade

I didn’t get to see any of the Pirates and Brewers tonight, so I’m not going to spend any time recapping it; they left guys on base, Charlie Morton was frustrating, he gave up another homer to a righty, someone hit the cover off of the ball, and the Pirates lost. I’ll talk more about […]