It’s baseball book season!

Before diving back into preview mode, I wanted to put a quick note up on the site to point out that Bucs Dugout's Charlie Wilmoth's book Dry Land is being released today. It's his story of the Pirates' losing streak, the fans that lived through it, and the ultimate pay off of the 2013 season. I've got a copy waiting for me in my apartment's office and since I'm going to have some airport time this weekend, I'm planning on reading it then and getting something up on the site about it by next week. I strongly suspect that if you're reading this site, you're familiar with Charlie's site, though, and in that case you probably don't need to wait for me to write any more about it to want to pick up a copy. If that's so, head on over to the Create Space page for the book now

Jonah Keri's newest bookUp, Up, and Away, is also out today. It's a history of the Montreal Expos, Keri's hometown team. I thought The Extra 2% was great and all of Keri's Grantland baseball stuff is awesome, too, so I'm pretty excited about this book, too.

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