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Game 120: Tigers 8 Pirates 4

For all of the good things that Neal Huntington and his front office have done for this Pirate franchise in the past few years, it’s easy to wonder if maybe they aren’t a victim of their own hubris when it comes to the Pirate bullpen in 2014. The Pirates have had plenty of luck finding relievers […]


The ballad of Buck Farmer

The Pirates and Tigers transition from Pittsburgh to Detroit tonight, and the Tigers will be sending 23-year old rookie Buck Farmer out to the mound for his Major League debut. Farmer was a fifth round draft pick (as a senior) by the Tigers in last year’s draft and was slow-rolled by the Tigers through their […]

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Game 119: Pirates 4 Tigers 2

The Pirates’ box score is fun tonight. Starting at the top of the lineup, Josh Harrison had one hit, Gregory Polanco had one hit, Jordy Mercer had one hit, Russell Martin had one hit, Starling Marte had one hit, Gaby Sanchez had one hit, Ike Davis relieved Gaby Sanchez part way through the game and […]

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This looks like the beginning of a long night

This is the last Pirates/Tigers game scheduled to be played in PNC Park this year, and the Pirates and Tigers are both locked in razor-thin playoff battles. There is also quite a bit of rain in the forecast for Pittsburgh this evening. This could be a long night. The Pirates made a roster move this […]

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Game 118: Pirates 11 Tigers 6

I suppose we could debate whether or not this game was exactly what the Pirates needed at this point in time, but the honest truth is that the Pirates really just need wins right now and this game represents their fourth win in seven games since Andrew McCutchen went down with his rib injury. Obviously there […]

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Catching up after a frustrating weekend

It’s been eight days since Neil Walker first sat a game out with his back problems and one week since we learned that Andrew McCutchen’s back injury was serious enough for the Pirates to consider placing him on the disabled list. Neither player is on the disabled list yet. Walker played last Tuesday and he […]

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Game 114: Pirates 7 Marlins 2

As much as I want Andrew McCutchen back in the lineup as soon as possible, seeing the Pirates’ secondary players combine together for easy wins and a lot of runs in two straight games is a really nice feeling of validation that the Pirates are a more complete organization and not just a team that’s […]

Miracle Lane

Another short-handed night

So long as the Pirates are going to insist on playing with a severely short-handed 23-man roster, all I’m going to be able to say is, “They have to find a way to win some of these games.” They really should already have two wins in this series, and that first loss will really be […]

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Game 113: Pirates 7 Marlins 3

I don’t really know exactly how long Andrew McCutchen will be out or how his absence is going to play out in the 2014 National League playoff race, but I do know that one sign that the Pirates have come a lot further in the last few years than most of us would like to […]

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I think I’m just going to go to a movie tonight, instead

Look, here’s the deal: the Pirates have a baseball game tonight. Their best player is not playing. Another player, who is somewhere between their second and fourth best player (depending on your opinion of Russell Martin and Josh Harrison) is also not playing. Even though neither player is available in any way today, neither player […]

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A few thoughts on Andrew McCutchen and a Gerrit Cole update

Now that we’re onto Day Four of the Andrew McCutchen Injury Crisis, I’ve moved back into pessimism after yesterday’s optimism that the injury wasn’t an oblique problem. The main source of it is this Mike Petriello FanGraphs piece, which is ostensibly about how badly McCutchen’s injury screws the Pirates down the stretch, but also which […]

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Game 112: Marlins 6 Pirates 3

I suppose I have to say something about this game, right? If the Pirates are going to win many games with Andrew McCutchen on the shelf, everyone else on the club is going to have to be at their best. In the eighth inning tonight, Josh Harrison booted an inning ending double play, Justin Wilson […]

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Into the McCutchenless void

For the first time since his callup in 2009, the Pirates are going to be without Andrew McCutchen for some unknown amount of time. If the Pirates are trying to keep him off of the disabled list but haven’t ruled it out yet, I’d assume we’re looking at something in ballpark of a week to […]