constructive interference

Interference and other things

I don’t have a lot to say about how yesterday’s game ended. I think it’s unfathomable that the play that the game ended on wasn’t called runner interference. The rule as written prevents the runner from “intentionally” interfering with the double play turn, but given that intent is impossible to determine, you’ll almost always see […]


Brace yourselves

Late in last night’s game, Ernesto Frieri hit Paul Goldschmidt on the hands with a fastball. Given Frieri’s struggles this year, his inability to get the ball down last night, and the general game situation at the time (it was the ninth inning, so just as the Pirates were cresting after their comeback), it’s really […]

Game 109: Pirates 9 Diamondbacks 4

For seven innings, this game was frustrating. “Why is Brent Morel a Major League player?/Seriously this year is the year that nobody wants to trade for a prospect?/Seriously, why even bother having replay if you can’t look at that play?/OK, really, Vidal Nuno was A WASHINGTON WILD THING!!!” sort of frustrating. Then, the Pirates’ offense […]

World spins

The season moves on

As much as we’re all varying degrees of disappointed that the Pirates didn’t change much at yesterday’s deadline, the reality of the situation is this: there are 55 baseball games left in the 2014 season, and there are only 2 1/2 games between the Pirates and first place in the NL Central. That’s what’s important […]

one step at a time

A brief recap and a few more thoughts on the trade deadline

I had the Pirates game on last night and was dozing off throughout the whole game, but my one main takeaway was this: Of course, hours after the Pirates fail to trade for pitching help, Jeff Locke gives up a game-breaking home run to Andy Marte. Andy Marte, you might recall, was once the successor […]

ticking clock

Let’s try this again: Trade Deadline open thread

I sat down this morning, had about two sentences of a “Trade Deadline Open Thread” post written, and Jon Lester got traded. I have no idea if the Pirates will trade for anyone else today, but I’m not sure that the Cespedes for Lester deal sets the market in a place that they can’t do […]


Pirates look to sweep Giants

While we all sit here furiously refreshing Twitter and waiting for trade deadline news, the Pirates and Giants will play the final game of their three-game set this afternoon. On Monday night, I would’ve been ecstatic about the Pirates taking two of three from the Giants. This afternoon, I’ll be disappointed if they can’t finish […]


Trade deadline Wednesday: Dreaming of Jon Lester

This is where things stand on the Jon Lester front at ~10:00 AM on Wednesday, July 30th: the Red Sox have announced that he won’t make his scheduled start tonight, and while a trade isn’t done and no one knows where Lester will end up, it probably wouldn’t be unfair to characterize an eventual Lester […]

Game 106: Pirates 3 Giants 1

It is late and I am tired, so let’s keep this to the point: Josh Harrison and Travis Snider both kept up their recent hot streaks with early home runs, and Francisco Liriano just absolutely dominated the Giants tonight after a little bit of a slow start. He struck out 11 Giants in his seven […]