Deadspin posts 10 months of Astros’ trade negotiations

Apparently, someone leaked a full ten months’ worth of Astros trade talks online today, and Deadspin has a long look at them:

Documents purportedly taken from Ground Control and showing 10 months’ worth of the Astros’ internal trade chatter have been posted online at Anonbin, a site where users can anonymously share hacked or leaked information. Found below, they contain the Astros front office’s communications regarding trade overtures to and from other teams, as well as negotiations—a few of which actually led to trades.

You should check the whole thing out, if only because it contains the answer to the question, “What sorts of offers did Neal Huntington make at least year’s trade deadline that he said made him so nervous.” The answer, apparently, is Luis Heredia for Bud Norris. Yeah, that would make me nervous, too.

June Bug

The Pirates in June: an improbable return to relevance

On May 31st, the Pirates got smoked by the Dodgers. The 12-2 loss ballooned Brandon Cumpton’s ERA up to 6.85. The Pirates were 25-30 and Pirate fans were attempting to talk ourselves into May being a good month due to the Pirates’ 15-14 record, though that meant ignoring their 111/137 run differential that month. We […]

Game 82: Pirates 5 Mets 2

I will admit that in the early part of this game, my attention was split between the Pirates and the World Cup. For the first few innings, every time I looked up I felt like I saw the Mets hit a deep fly ball to Starling Marte in center field, and so it took me […]

Sunday Best

First: Gerrit Cole, Then: Edinson Volquez

I missed Gerrit Cole’s return from the disabled list yesterday, but obviously after seeing his box score in the afternoon the first thing I did when I got home last night was to open up his Brooks Baseball page and check out his velocity chart. Seeing his fastball top out at 99 and average 96 […]

burnt grilled cheese

Pirates trade Jason Grilli to the Angels for Ernesto Frieri

Jason Grilli wanted to be a Pirate. I think that’s what I’ll remember more than anything. He’s been a bad pitcher this year and by all accounts his book seems ridiculous and it recasts the light that I view him in just a little bit, but that still won’t make me forget a weird tweet […]

Game 80: Pirates 3 Mets 2

This is the sort of game that I feel strange about offering much of an opinion on because I was watching Durham and Indianapolis play tonight (I will write a little bit about the minor league game, probably on Monday and not in the way that I usually do, but we’ll get to that in […]

Last stand at Little Bighorn

Brandon Cumpton’s last stand (for now)

With Gerrit Cole returning to the rotation tomorrow night and an off-day on Monday, I think that there’s an awfully good chance that no matter the results of tonight’s game, Brandon Cumpton is going to be headed back down to Triple-A after his start tonight. A lot of Pirate fans want to see Jason Grilli […]


Game 79: Pirates 5 Mets 2

In the third inning, it felt like the Pirates were on the verge of breaking this game open a little bit. The score was tied at one, but the Mets had almost no luck against Vance Worley besides Lucas Duda’s solo homer, while the Pirates put at least one runner on base in every inning […]

Game Mania


The Pirates kick off what might be their most important homestand of 2014 tonight against the Mets. Their next 10 games will be at PNC Park, and they’ll be against the Mets, Diamondbacks, and Phillies. I’d like to see seven wins, at least, from the Pirates on this homestand. Vance Worley makes his third Pirate […]

Fork in the road

Game 78: Rays 5 Pirates 1

The easiest way to characterize this game would be thusly: both David Price and Charlie Morton pitched absolute gems on Wednesday afternoon, with Price striking out 11 Pirates and holding the Bucs to on five hits in 8 1/3 innings, while Charlie Morton struck out 11 Rays and held them to four hits in seven […]


The Pirates try for a sweep of the Rays with a ridiculous lineup

I’ve been saying “11-5 11-5 11-5″ like a broken record for about a week now in relation to the Pirates’ 16-game stretch against the Cubs, Rays, Mets, Phillies, and Diamondbacks, but here’s a dirty secret: it’d be just fine if the Pirates won more than 11 games in this stretch. That’s going to be a […]


Game 77: Pirates 6 Rays 5

If not for the last two innings, this would’ve been a pretty similar story to last night. Only one Pirate had multiple hits tonight (in this case it was Russell Martin, and his second hit was what turned out to be the game-deciding home run), but they took advantage of a Rays’ error and made […]

Lumber Company

Enter the New Lumber Company

First things first: there was some confusion today about exactly what the Pirates did with Jose Tabata today to clear roster room for Neil Walker, so let’s run through that quickly. Outrighting a player to Triple-A means that the player has been both removed from the 40-man roster and sent to Triple-A. It’s a process […]

Balanced eggs

Balancing Josh Harrison and Pedro Alvarez

Neil Walker is going to start at second base for the Pirates tonight, which means that the Pirates have some big decisions to make. The first decision is the relatively straigthtforward: they need to open up a roster spot for Walker, and to do that they’ll probably have to DFA either Travis Snider or Clint […]

Game 76: Pirates 8 Rays 1

When you have a hitter like Pedro Alvarez playing for your favorite baseball team, it’s almost impossible to keep your mind from the automatic, “A home run here would sure be nice” reaction in close games with runners on base. That’s still true for me with Alvarez up even though he’s gone most of the […]