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A big game against a bad team

In the ever-growing pantheon of “biggest games of the year,” the Pittsburgh Pirates have a huge opportunity tonight in Philadelphia. The Cardinals lost to the Reds this afternoon and the Braves are off, while the Brewers play the Marlins again. At the very least a win shrinks the Cardinals’ division lead to 2 1/2 games (which […]

jump off the wall

Game 145: Pirates 6 Phillies 3

In the first five at-bats of tonight’s game, the Pirates were hit by two pitches, hit two singles, and had a 2-0 lead with runners on first and second and one out. It looked a lot like the Pirates were going to get to Jerome Williams in the exact fashion that you’d think that they […]

Uneven surfaces

Vance Worley faces Jerome Williams as Pirates look to build wild card lead

I swear that at least once a year I come across Jerome Williams’ name in a box score or he pitches against the Pirates and I have to do a double-take and ask myself, “Wait, THAT Jerome Williams? He’s still pitching in Major League Baseball?” The answer is always, “Yes. That Jerome Williams. He’s still […]

A late recap — Game 144: Phillies 4 Pirates 3

Sorry for the lateness of this recap; I missed most of the game last night due to a softball game and kind of zonked out once I saw the Pirates lost, never quite recovering enough energy to sit down and type something out. The long and short of it is that the Pirates weren’t going […]

Josh Harrison returns as Pirates look for fifth straight win

It seems hard to believe, but the Pirates haven’t managed to string together five wins at any point yet in the 2014 season. There’s no better time for them to hit that mark for the first time this season than tonight, as the four wins that the Pirates have picked up in their last four […]

Jolly Roger

Game 143: Pirates 6 Phillies 4

I’m not sure if this game was closer than it needed to be, or an easier victory for the Pirates than it really should have been. For most of the game, Jeff Locke pitched really well, the Pirates left runners on base against Kyle Kendrick, and not many runs at all were scored. Locke gave […]


The Pirate playoff push continues on to Philadelphia

The Pirates’ sweep over the Cubs was a great thing to see. Even though the Pirates didn’t play all that poorly in getting swept by the Cardinals last week, the result was a devastating one that more or less ended their shot at winning the NL Central. Coupled with the Cubs playing good baseball prior to the […]

roller coaster

With a win today, the Pirates could be back in the playoff picture

It’s funny how simple things can be sometimes, isn’t it? The Pirates have played roller coaster baseball the entire second half, and it seems like almost every single time they’re able to string a few wins together, they find themselves back in a playoff spot, no matter how ugly things looked a few days before. […]


Pirates win yesterday’s game, go for a semi-sweep in Wrigley

The Pirates won the resumption of yesterday afternoon’s suspended game against the Cubs in dramatic fashion today, taking the series opener in Wrigley by a 5-3 score. Tony Watson and Mark Melancon both pitched two scoreless innings, and Josh Harrison and Tony Sanchez drove in runs in the top of the 11th to provide the […]

Do not sleep on the Cubs

If the Pirates are going to somehow win the National League’s second wild card (they enter today 1 1/2 games behind the Braves and Brewers, both of whom are playing awfully lately), the easiest route to it would seem to be to beat up on the Cubs and Phillies, two teams with lousy records that […]

lego collapse

Game 139: Cardinals 1 Pirates 0

In the immediate aftermath of this loss, my first reaction was to compare it with Game 4 of last year’s NLDS. That game, too, was a pitcher’s duel that the Pirates lost to the Cardinals though maybe the Pirates had more chances to win today. Sort of similar to today’s game, that game didn’t quite […]

a rock and a hard place

This isn’t quite it but this is almost it

This feels insane to say out loud, but the Pirates are less than 70 hours removed from what was arguably one of their high points in the 2014 season. Partway through Sunday afternoons games, the Pirates lead the Reds 2-0 and the Cubs lead the Cardinals 5-0. With the Brewers struggling badly, it seemed like […]

no outlet

Game 138: Cardinals 6 Pirates 4

I don’t know, I’m sort of all out of things to say about this Pirate team at this particular point in time. Tonight, Jeff Locke took the mound and had absolutely zero command of the strike zone. This has been a recurring problem of late, but there hasn’t even been a slight consideration to removing […]


Welcome to tonight’s edition of the biggest game of the year

I really hate dwelling on bad losses while there’s still a playoff race. I mean, the last two days have sureyl both been deflating days to be a Pirate fan and the Pirates’ situation in said pennant race is awfully precarious because of how these two games have gone, but if the Pirates close this […]