2009 predictions

With the first pitch coming at 4 PM this afternoon (hopefully), it’s time for some predictions for the 2009 season. If I remember, we’ll revisit these in September and see how I did.

  1. Craig Monroe will not hit 8 home runs in the regular season after hitting 8 in spring training.
  2. Paul Maholm will pitch well, but his ERA will go up and people will complain about a Pirate pitcher never having two good seasons in a row.
  3. Craig Hansen will be a good reliever (I don’t know why I think this).
  4. Freddy Sanchez will finish the season in a Pirate uniform.
  5. So will Jack Wilson.
  6. Adam LaRoche will not.
  7. The Pirates will not lose 100 games.
  8. Nor will they win 70.
  9. Andy LaRoche 2009 OPS: .811
  10. Andrew McCutchen 2009 Major League OPS: .742 in 82 big league games

Now, add your own in the comments. The first gamethread of 2009 will be here this afternoon.

Pat Lackey

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