42 day

I had some things I was going to say about this game, but man, I just can't really get my head together at the moment. I was in Boston for the marathon two years ago to watch my little brother run, and it was just one of those life-affirming days that we live for as human beings. The whole city turns into this massive, living, celebrating crowd and in the middle of it is this group of incredibly driven people who're accomplishing this incredible feat of athleticism and endurance. I know that my brother has said running and finishing in under his goal time was one of the more fulfilling moments of his life; just being a part of the crowd was a pretty special experience for me. What happened there today is pretty unfathomable to my eyes, and I'm not even from Boston, nor do I have any special attachment to the city beyond one April day in 2011. 

Lance Lynn and James McDonald take the hill tonight at PNC Park at 7:05. Everyone will be wearing #42 in what I think is one of the coolest tributes in all of sports. I'm looking forward to watching baseball tonight.

Pat Lackey

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