A holiday matinee

The Pirates and Astros are playing at 1:35 this afternoon to help you kick off your holiday in style. Kevin Correia goes for the Bucs against Dallas Keuchel. Keuchel’s a 24-year old non-prospect who’s gotten his career off to a nice start, but for whom the other shoe is coming. If the Pirates can be patient, I think they’ll have some success against him. Kevin Correia is Kevin Correia, make of that information what you will.

Here’s some holiday advice from your friendly neighborhood Bucco Blogger:

  1. Have fun.
  2. Don’t be an idiot.
  3. Enjoy the heck out of this Pirate team right now. I don’t know where the next half of the season is headed; maybe it’ll be special and maybe it won’t. But amazing, great, fun things are happening right now and they’re the sort of things that we Pirate fans muck through 19 years of losing just to see. How this season ultimately ends will color the way we remember this middle part of the season, but right now, inside of this very second, there’s nothing better in all of baseball than being a Pittsburgh Pirate fan. That is worth something. Savor it. Build your wall around this very moment. Worry about tomorrow and August and September and maybe even October tomorrow and in August and in September and in October. 

The Pirates are eight games above .500 and tied for first place. The only thing that matters is getting to nine games over. Happy Fourth of July. Let’s go Bucs. 

Pat Lackey

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