A late afternoon in Denver

With the Pirates and Rockies finishing up their three-game set in Denver this afternoon, I’ll repeat the mantra I used on Sunday: win two out of three. The Pirates have not played their best baseball coming out of the All-Star break, but a win today puts them at 3-3 since play resumed last Thursday and it ensures they’ll be no more than one game out of first place. That’s not a great result against the Brewers and Rockies, but it would be a good result for a week in which a team hasn’t played their best. Two out of three, two out of three. 

The Pirates send James McDonald to the mound to get back on track after his rough start last Thursday. He’ll face Jeremy Guthrie, who’s been unabashedly terrible this year in most situations and has been even worse at Coors Field. Lefties destroy him. There’s no reason for the Pirates to not hang a crooked number up on the scoreboard this afternoon. First pitch is at 3:05.

Pat Lackey

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