A quick shift

One of the best things about baseball is how quickly things change. Yesterday, we were all lamenting the Pirates inability to score runs and wondering if they’d ever win/score again. Today, they have a chance to take a series from the Reds and make that sweep by the Brewers seem like ancient history.

It won’t be easy, though with a pretty unfavorable pitching matchup in Johnny Cueto and Jeff Karstens. We beat up on Cueto in his first start, dinging him for eight hits and four runs in six innings, but he also struck out nine Pirates and has quite good in his three starts since then, allowing just two earned runs. He did walk six in his second start, but he’s been improving each time out, it seems. Karstens is the ultimate “what you see is what you get” starter. He’s going to go out there, give you five innings or six, and if you’ve scored a few runs, you’ll probably still be in the game. So will the Pirates score a few runs against Cueto? That’s the question today.

Pat Lackey

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