A streak of a different sort

Without going into the ridiculous things from the last few games that nearly caused a blood vessel in my forehead to burst, let’s consider the Pirates’ current situation: they’re on a three-game winning streak, they’re 17-18, and they’re still in the NL Central and NL wild card races nearly a quarter of the way into the season. Those sorts of things are ultimately meaningless in late September, but they’re true right now. They’re true right now, without the Pirates having really played very good baseball at any point this year. So … what would happen if the Pirates started playing better? Besides the cynical answer that their luck would run out and they’d probably lose a bunch of games anyway, of course. I’m not really counting on this happening, because the problems with the Pirates’ offense run pretty deep and because they refuse to maximize the chances they do get on offense, but it’s always nice to day dream

Tonight, the Pirates shoot for a two-game sweep in Acid Trip Stadium, though Kevin Correia vs. Josh Johnson is a mismatch, even if Johnson has struggled quite a bit early this year. First pitch is at 7:10.  

Pat Lackey

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