An important road trip

Can a team that’s 25-44 have an important road trip? I say they can. The young Pirates played fairly well against the White Sox and Indians at the end of their last homestand, even if the only came out with two wins to show for it. Now they have to go on the road to play a very tough Texas team. So how will they look? Will they keep playing well, or is it time for the annual interleague play whupping (yeah, I know the Pirates are 2-7 in interleague play so far, but you know what I mean) that the Pirates seem to eventually submit to?

Ross Ohlendorf continues his quest for his first win tonight against 23-year old Tommy Hunter. Since they’re in Texas, the first pitch is at 8:05. Clemente/Cangelosi is after the jump.

Not sure what this is? Check here and here. Short version: in the comments pick the Pirates you think will be most and least valuable in today’s game. If you haven’t jumped aboard yet, it’s been a lot of fun so far and now’s as good a time as any to join in.

Some nights, it’s easy to tell what’s going to happen to the standings. When I see Bobby Crosby and Jason Jaramillo as Clementes and Jose Tabata and Lastings Milledge as Cangelosis, that’s a pretty good indication. In fact, Crosby’s three-hit Clemente nod was the only thing that moved any points in any direction on Sunday, and obviously all that did was cost four of us a tally in the standings.

Today’s scoreboard:

  1. Don_Madden: 38
  2. Carnegie Chip: 24
  3. brian2: 23
  4. North Shore Ryan: 22
  5. dafletch, Woodward: 21
  6. ndbrian: 18
  7. pdiddy0020, J. Latrobe: 16
  8. hisjazziness: 15
  9. Wizard of Woz, michaelbro8: 14
  10. hwtrine68, michaelbro8, Garrett122: 13
  11. Mornacale, whygavs:12
  12. UtesFan890, dboz, apk: 8
  13. bwzimmerman: 7
  14. TuckerD13, edgeman2k, Nate: 6
  15. TheHulk, WallyR, Dave Mesing: 5
  16. TomKaikis, Joek, tylerrcurtis, TheJewelryMan!, fruitbat, appeal2smail

    , Cecelio_Guante: 3
  17. PatrickHealy, MattB, SteelCity66, BadAndy, spazaru, Adam_Reynolds, Mr. Ando, cocktailsfor2, hilltoppeer, PHook4000: 2
  18. FSU Bucs, Christy, appeal2smail, SeanGentile, shsteimer, TheHulk, Traco Bucco, Tate, Neopold, IndianaJohns04, wk kortas, jac8, Mr. Ando,  DoctorGeeves, CoryR, Polish Prodigy: 1
  19. Everyone else: 0
  20. NSN, Mosca, danatural, Teflon, John Sparrow, matt w, Fielding Yost: -1


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