An unlikely sweep?

On Friday, the Tigers bumbled their way to a loss. Yesterday afternoon, Brad Lincoln pitched maybe the best start of his young career and Andrew McCutchen came up big when the Pirates needed him to and the Pirates pulled out a second win against the Tigers. That’s honestly one more win than I expected from the Pirates in this series, so a sweep would be gravy.

Given that the pitching matchup today is Justin Verlander vs. Kevin Correia, it’d be serious gravy. I don’t need to rehash what Verlander did to the Pirates last time. Jeff Karstens is slated to return to the Pirates within the next week, so Correia may be pitching for a rotation spot after Lincoln’s great outing yesterday. Alternately, he may be pitching to catch someone else’s eye today. 

First pitch today is at 1:35. 

Pat Lackey

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