Another off-day means a big list of links

Is it time for baseball yet? No? We have another off-day? Great. Time for some links.

Tyler Yates had Tommy John surgery yesterday. That brings his Pirate career to a close (he’s a free agent), dropping the curtain on maybe the worst trade of Neal Huntington’s short career as GM. He swears he’ll be back, but this is the second TJ on his pitching elbow and people very rarely ever make it back from that. I feel bad for Yates, as this is extraordinarily bad news for him, but I’d much rather see Evan Meek and Jesse Chavez in the bullpen right now.

DC-area reader Jeff sent me this story about Manny Acta’s firing yesterday in which much of the blame seems to be laid on Lasting Milledge’s shoulders stem from his handling of Lastings Milledge. When you follow a 100 loss season with a first half that puts your team on pace for 110 losses, you’re going to be fired. If Acta was a strict disciplinarian who suspended Milledge and players who stepped over the line, he’d be getting fired for that instead. He was handed a turd sandwich of a baseball team and fired for not making it taste like filet mignon. That’s not Lasting Milledge’s fault.

Speak of the devil, Milledge was sent to Lynchburg over the Triple-A All-Star break and he homered twice last night.

And speaking of the Triple-A All-Star Game, Indianapolis’s catcher Eric Kratz doubled and homered and won the “Top Star” of the game. He’s 29 and not a prospect, but it’s nice to see players from the organization doing well anyways.

Behind the Steel Curtain has a cool interview with Ross Ohlendorf.

Charlie previews the trade deadline for the Pirates at SB Nation’s MLB Daily Dish blog.

Finally, keep an eye on the PBC Blog and Jorge Arangure over the next few days, because a decision should be forthcoming on the Miguel Angel Sano investigation and that should be pretty closely coupled with a signing.

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