Beat the Brewers (at Miller Park)

The Pirates have won three in a row and four out of five against their archest of nemeses in Milwaukee, but only one of those wins (the first) came at HH Holmes Murder Castle that is occasionally also referred to as "Miller Park." The next step in the evolution of the Pittsburgh Pirates is to win some games in Milwaukee. The time for that is right now. 

As Charlie noted today, the Pirates are currently on pace for 100 wins. This Pirate team probably won't win 100 games this year ("At least not in the regular season," he said with a slight smirk in his eyes …), but I think that their ceiling and what our expectations should be are an entirely different conversation for next week. For now let's stick with this: the Pirates are doing lots of things right and they're beating teams that they're supposed to beat and on most nights they are really fun to watch. Whether this is The Pirate Team That We've Been Waiting For or not will be determined at a later date, but for now there's absolutely nothing wrong with kicking back and enjoying this ride. 

All of that being said, this ride will be a lot more enjoyable if it includes kicking the crap out of the Brewers in their stupid stadium. First pitch is at 8:10. It's time to go down into the basement and tell the furnace that we're not afraid anymore.

Pat Lackey

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