Bobby Abreu? Don’t get your hopes up

Just saw (via MLB Trade Rumors) that the Pirates are reportedly one of the teams interested in Bobby Abreu. That’s great. They should be. Abreu is a great guy to both help the team out and bring a return at the deadline or in the way of draft picks after the season is over. Just don’t count on it actually happening. Look at the other teams that Heyman lists: the Angels, Braves, Mets, and Reds. Three contenders, two sad sack NL Central teams. Unless the Pirates are offering twice what the contending teams are offering, Abreu’s only taking their calls to try and play their offer off of one from a team he’s interested in playing in to try and grab a little more cash. Abreu might not sign for much, but I’ll believe he’ll be a Pirate the day he pulls on a jersey and not a day before.

Pat Lackey

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