Bucs and Reds: Game 1

If you want reasons that the new front office is at least moving things in a different direction than the past, all you have to do is look at today’s pitching matchup. The Reds are sending the one and only Kip Wells to the mound, the Pirates are sending Daniel McCutchen out for his big league debut. Even if McCutchen gets bombed off the field and Wells pitches well enough to get a win, I’d rather have McCutchen out there than Wells. In fact, I’m disappointed that this game is at 1:10, which means the best I can do is listen to it in lab this afternoon.

Anyways, if you do anything before the 1:10 start this afternoon, you should read today’s Dugout about McCutchen’s debut. Where else can you find Pirate-related hilarity AND Logan’s run references? Nowhere, that’s where.

Pat Lackey

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