Can the offense keep going?

After last night’s offensive outburst, the New Lumber Company moves on to St. Louis to take on Adam Wainwright. Wainwright got off to an awful start this year in his return from Tommy John surgery, but he was pretty excellent in his last start against the Cubs. The Bucs will counter with Charlie Morton, who’s already seen the Cardinals once this year. The Cardinals mostly loaded up on lefties against Morton back on April 20th and did pretty well against him, but injuries since then dictate that they can only split their position players 50/50 between righties and lefties tonight. That’s probably about the best Morton’s going to see on most nights this year, so I’ll count this as a favorable matchup for him.

I’ll be in lab grading in front of the computer all night. First pitch is at 8:15. 

Pat Lackey

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