Can we lose to the Brewers forever?

First things first: I passed my exam this afternoon, and so I may or may not be celebrating tonight instead of watching the Pirates.

Second: this losing streak against Milwaukee is officially epic. I think it has to cross the 15-game threshhold for that designation, and we’re there. It’s an epic, epic losing streak and it’s taken on a life of it’s own. No lead we have against the Brewers will be safe until we can close out a win. Ian Snell and Jeff Suppan … that should be a favorable pitching matchup for us, right? WRONG! Until we break this streak, I’m going to be convinced that the ghost of Jackie Chesboro himself wouldn’t stand a chance against the Brewers. No one loses this many games in a row to another team. NO ONE.

You suck, Snell. You can’t break the Brewer curse. No one can break it.

(That’s right, I’m even bringing the insult back to break this thing up.)

Pat Lackey

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