Catching up on Saturday

I didn’t see any of last night’s game, but it looks like AJ Burnett’s second start went about as well as his first did and that the bullpen fell apart behind him, but that that probably didn’t matter anyway because the offense was limited to one run. So the five run streak is over for the pitching staff, but not for the offense, which is about what I expected from this series against the Braves. 

There’s also bad news that came out yesterday afternoon: Josh Bell needed surgery to repair the meniscus in his left knee after injuring it on the base paths. The team is being typically close-mouthed about it; there’s no word on what type of surgery he had or what the actual timetable for his return is, other than that he’s “expected to return” before the end of the season. Hopefully the surgery wasn’t that serious and this won’t be that big of a setback, but this is obviously concerning. 

Pat Lackey

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