Cook and Snell

First things first: ¡Romulo! Sanchez was traded to the Yankees today. I know, I was shocked too. They acquired the awesomely named Eric Hacker, who has some good minor league numbers but is always playing in levels he’s way too old for because of career full of arm injuries. If this were anyone but ¡Romulo! it wouldn’t even really be worth talking about. We’re trading one high-risk guy for another. Somewhere, though, Dave Littlefield is shaking his fist and yelling, “I told you signing players from Latin America was a bad idea!”

On the baseball side of things, we’ve got Aaron Cook and Ian Snell tonight. Nyjer Morgan’s out the rest of the weekend with a hamstring injury, so Brandon Moss is flipping to left field and Delwyn Young is manning right field and leading off tonight. Is he the stockiest leadoff man in history? I say maybe.

Thing to watch tonight: is Snell going to overthrow after watching the bullpen melt down and blow Maholm’s lead last night? And a final note: this one’s on the MLB Network tonight. I don’t know what that means for local Pittsburghers and the FSN Pittsburgh broadcast, but for me it means I get to see the Buccos in HD for the first time this year.

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