Delwyn Young taking reps at third

Delwyn Young played a few innings at third base today, and coupled with his .324/.390/.838 (yes, he’s slugging .838 right now) line with a Grapefruit League leading 18 RBIs, people are starting to wonder if he should start over Andy LaRoche. I’m happy Young is killing the ball right now and I’m happy that he keeps trying to improve his versatility and that he’s still working at improving his infield play, but let’s please not forget that last year with the Pirates, in games that count, Young only hit .266/.323/.381. His career OPS is .713. Maybe that doesn’t feel a whole lot worse than Andy LaRoche’s .731 last season, but LaRoche plays much better defense and he’s two years younger. Let’s head this line of thinking off right now.

Pat Lackey

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