Do you smell that? IT’S THE SPRING

Today is the first day of official workouts at Pirate City and I feel like an overstimulated little kid reading everything I possibly can about what’s happening in camp. It sounds like pretty much the whole team is there right now, even though the position players don’t officially report until Monday.

There’s a couple of articles about Pedro Alvarez up at and the PG. He’s been in Bradenton for two weeks trying to get back into shape after putting on a few pounds when he was laid up with tendinitis in both his knees. I wonder how much the public outcry over his figure motivated this.

Jen Langosch has some odds and ends on her blog. Ever wonder when the players shoot the Q&As and goofy scoreboard pieces that air at PNC all year? Right now, apparently.

It looks like the new has launched, with John Perrotto as the main writer (this is what he left the BCT for). There’s a bunch of new content there, including a story about Brandon Moss and Phil Dumatrait’s recoveries.

Kevin Goldstein’s put together his top 100 prospects in all of baseball for BP. Pedro Alvarez is #4, Andrew McCutchen is #25, and Jose Tabata is #91.

BP 2009 is now shipping, which always excites nerds like me. And the Hardball Times 2009 Preview (you know, the book I contributed to) shipped last week. If you’re curious how high the stack of baseball preview books I acquire each spring, the answer is, “you don’t want to know.”

In the self-indulgence column, I wrote a Pirate preview for the Spring Training ’09 website, which has similar features written by bloggers for every team, and I wrote about the three prospects most likely to impact the Pirates in 2009 for FanHouse.

Does anyone feel an overwhelming urge to watch Major League right now?

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