After the Pirates exciting win last night, they close out this series with the Rockies and this homestand with a double-header this afternoon. It’s an old school doubleheader; it’s starting at 12:35 and the second game will start a half hour or so after the first. One ticket, two games. Kind of makes me wish that back in Pittsburgh with a physics class to skip or something this afternoon. 

The Pirates will start James McDonald and Charlie Morton, while the Rockies will send Juan Nicasio and Jhoulys Chacin to the mound. Nicasio gave up four runs in 6 1/3 innings against the Padres the last time he pitched. He’s allowed three homers in 17 innings. I think the Pirates need to capitalize against him in the first game. Chacin hasn’t been great in his first three starts, but he’s also the sort of pitcher whose strength is striking guys out and his weakness is control. That’s the kind of pitcher who suddenly finds his mojo when the Pirates are in the opposing dugout.

The first game is at 12:35, the second game is after. I’ll be in and out all afternoon, but I’m going to do my best to get the gamethreads going in the comments, so feel free to stop by if you’ve got time to kill/work to avoid. 

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