Dr. Snell and Mr. Hyde

Game 2 against the Braves starts at 12:35 this afternoon (which, incidentally, means you probably can’t watch it if you’re not in Pittsburgh because of MLB’s awful blackout rules for FOX Saturday baseball, which doesn’t start until 3:40) and Ian Snell and Jo-Jo Reyes will be on the mound. First off, I think every start for Snell is a big start. He looked better against Cincy last week, but he’s still got work to do to be back to where he was in 2007. Second, I think Jo-Jo Reyes might be my favorite name in all of baseball. He’s a lefty, so Craig Monroe gets the start in right. Do you think someone will mention to John Russell that Monroe hit .138/.219/.230 against lefties last year in basically the same role that he’s playing for us? I hope so.

Pat Lackey

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