The finale in DC

Though I haven’t actually, you know, seen any of these games against the Nationals because of the stupid blackout policy, I’m fairly certain that the Pirates have won the first three games of this series without actually playing well in any of the games. This is, I suppose, both a statement about the Pirates (who in the past have often been on the exact opposite side of statements like this) and the Nationals (who are terrible).

Whatever the case, the Pirates have a chance for a rare four-game sweep in DC tonight, which would be a pretty fantastic way to start their season-long 10-game road trip. Ian Snell gets the start against rookie Craig Stammen, who was called up to make his Major League debut against the Pirates tonight. After a rough go in his first stint at AAA last year, Stammen’s put up some pretty good numbers with Columbus this year. In the past, I would immediately assume that the Pirates would make this kid’s debut an awesome one, but with the way we’re playing right now, I’m kind of holding out hopes that we give him a properly rude welcome to the bigs.

Pat Lackey

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