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I did a guest spot on this week’s RumBunter podcast, where we talked about the Pirates and Clint Hurdle and beer making and beer drinking and use adult language. It’s fun, with the typical language warning, if that sort of thing offends you. 

Former Indianapolis Indians’ play-by-play guy Scott McCauley wrote on his blog about how even though he’s not working for the Indians anymore, he’s adopted the Pirates as one of his favorite teams (despite being born in Cleveland!) due to the passion of Pirate fans that was evident from his time working for Indianapolis. I met Scott in Durham last year and he was more than happy to talk with me for a couple of innings, answering pretty much any question I could come up with as it related to Indianapolis; I’m happy he’ll be piling on to the bandwagon even though he’s not working for Indianapolis anymore. Pat yourself on the back, Internet Pirate Fans, because even though some people can’t be bothered to spell McCutchen right, others certainly have taken notice of the passion that exists for the Pirates both in Pittsburgh and online. 

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