Furcal signs with Atlanta

The big baseball news this morning is that the Braves have announced the signing of Rafael Furcal. This is a pretty unexpected move, but it’s good news for the Pirates because it leave the Los Angeles Dodgers still in search of a shortstop. We’ve heard a couple of times that Wilson seems to be one of their contingency plans and now that they’ve lost out on Furcal, I assume we’ll be hearing more on that front (though maybe not much more until after the holidays).

In the comments below, Mr. Pedrique asks if this move also opens the door up for the Pirates trade for Yunel Escobar from Atlanta, as well. I guess it might, I doubt that it does because Escobar was one of the sticking points in a Peavy-to-Atlanta trade. I’m guessing that the Braves aren’t even interested in Furcal unless they have a move for Escobar already ready to go and that move will probably involve Peavy. It’s worth keeping an eye on, but I don’t know if this means more for us beyond an expanded Jack Wilson market.

Pat Lackey

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