Game 102: Pirates 5 Nationals 4

As debuts go, I don’t think I could’ve expected more than to see Lastings Milledge get two hits and drive in two runs against his former team tonight. Of course, I couldn’t see it because of my … proximity … to Washington D.C. (thanks, Bud), but I’m watching through the highlights at right now and I think I feel about as good as a fan can feel after a win over the Nationals.

There really was a lot to like about this game, from Steve Blass mutter, “Oh geez,” under his breath as Ross Ohlendorf plodded around third base to score the first run on Milledge’s single to Andrew McCutchen flying home from third on a chopper hit to second base by Garrett Jones to Andy LaRoche’s two great plays in the field (one on a bunt by Nyjer Morgan, one leaning over the dugout rail to catch a popup). Throw in a nice start from Ohlendorf, a double and a homer from Steve Pearce and we’ve got ourselves a win. One against the Nats, sure, but it’s a win.

Pat Lackey

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