Game 113: Rockies 8 Pirates 0

I think that the highlight of this game was Chris Bootcheck striking out two hitters in the sixth inning to drop his ERA to 21.60. That should pretty much tell you exactly what you need to know about this one. We did manage to draw four walks off of Jiminez in his eight innings, but then we coupled that with three hits and that’s bad. Kevin Hart’s velocity was pretty good tonight but he looked awfully hittable. That’s probably an effect of the thin air on the sinking action of his fastball, though it didn’t really affect Ohlendorf much last night.

I know this sort of loss is really a downer since we’ve now lost nine of ten, but it’s really only the second time we’ve really gotten squashed in those nine losses, which says something. It doesn’t necessarily say something good, but it does say something.

Pat Lackey

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