Game 134: Astros 8 Pirates 2

Great moments in the internal monologue of a Pirate blogger: 

It’s 10:30. If I get home quick, I can probably catch the end of the game. I wonder what the score is. 

Holy crap, it’s 8-2 Astros. That’s not good at all. I wonder how it got that bad. Did Morton pitch badly?

Hm. He did. Did anything good happen? Anything at all?

Well, hey, Morton struck eight guys out. That’s kind of good, I guess, even if it looks like he came unglued in the sixth. 

Eight strikeouts? But it was against the Astros, I guess. That’s hardly worth talking about.

Wait, don’t make fun of the Astros, they’re playing the Pirates off the field this week.

Ah, dammit. Is it time for spring training yet?  

Pat Lackey

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