Game 19: Brewers 17 Pirates 3

It’s incredible how bad the Pirates are right now. Sure, teams lose seven games in a row all the time. But who loses four games to the same team by a score of 53-4? Who gives up 20 runs on Thursday, 10 runs on Sunday, and 17 runs on Monday? Say what you want about the players on the Pirate roster, but these guys are, for the most part, Major League baseball players. Some are on the low end of the totem pole, sure, but save a few guys in the bullpen (none of whom pitched today) these guys would make a lot of other big league squads and things like this shouldn’t really even happen once. Instead, we’re watching it happen regularly. It’s not bad or awful or unacceptable, it’s actually unfathomable.

Honestly, I don’t have anything else to say. What’s the point in calling out Ryan Doumit for his piss-poor job covering the play and his indignant argument afterwards when the pitching staff let Gregg Zaun drive in five runs? Why even mention that Andy LaRoche and Andrew McCutchen are tearing the cover off the ball when the rest of the offense looks like their swinging in sand? This is the worst stretch of baseball I can ever remember any team at any level ever playing. Really, it just makes me sad.

Pat Lackey

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