Game 21: Brewers 1 Pirates 0

On some levels, it’s hard to be upset about the sort of game that the Pirates and Brewers played this afternoon. Yovani Gallardo put forth a pretty impressive effort, striking out 11 in eight innings and hitting a home run when his offense wasn’t doing anything for him, and some days you just can’t win when you’re up against a pitcher like that. I can accept that against a guy like Gallardo, and I can even accept that this Pirate team is going to have more than their share of them.

On the flip side, why in the hell did Ian Snell throw 130 pitches today? How did JR leave him out there after the Gallardo home run? And then the ensuing walk to Rickie Weeks? His ERA is going to catch up with his peripherals soon enough, why accelerate the process by running his pitch count way up?

Anyways, I’m sure the Pirates are high-tailing their way out of Milwaukee as quickly as possible. We racked up three quick losses in three days, and they came in three different ways. We had a bullpen meltdown, we had a bad start, and we got dominated by a great start. Sometimes, it’s best to just get the hell outta town.

Pat Lackey

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