Game 28: Reds 5 Pirates 0

I don’t know how to accurately describe the frustration that this game caused me watching it. The Pirates were very patient with Mat Latos in the first inning and drew three walks and were a nice Todd Frazier snag of a Casey McGehee line drive away from making breaking the inning open. Instead, they got nothing out of the first and never really threatened to score again all afternoon. 

The Pirates ended up striking out 11 times against Latos and six more times against the Reds’ excellent bullpen. After the first inning in which they drew three walks, they only worked Latos for one more on the afternoon. Charlie Morton gave up two homers to bring the total against him this year to four, after allowing just six last year. Really, there was nothing good that happened in this game, unless you count Pedro Alvarez drawing two walks as good. 

Pat Lackey

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