Game 31: Nationals 4 Pirates 2

If the theme of Tuesday’s recap was the impossible complexity of baseball and how it creates games that can be both possible and implausible in one fell stroke, the lesson from the last game of this Pirates/Nats series is that sometimes baseball is incredibly easy to figure out. 

In Wednesday’s game, Kevin Correia pitched a great game on the Kevin Correia scale of possible performances and Stephen Strasburg pitched a great game on the Stephen Strasburg scale of possible performances. When one starting pitcher strikes out 13 and the other only strikes out one, it should be fairly easy to predict the final outcome of the game. 

The Pirates had an early lead in this one until Adam LaRoche came up with his second big home run in three days, but the reality is that the Pirates were seriously out-matched from the start of this one and sometimes it’s just not easy to overcome that sort of thing. 

Pat Lackey

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