Game 33: Pirates 5 Cardinals 2

I can’t pretend like I watched a lot of this game, but I can say that everytime I flipped over, it looked to me like Ross Ohlendorf was in complete control on the mound and I’m happy that the box score and the highlights bear that out. It looks like he did a great job mixing in his slider and changeup with his fastball/sinker. Just like in that Marlins game, he got a few more strikeouts tonight and it seems to me that this is the difference between him being a middling starter and maybe a good one.

On the flip side of things, Brandon Moss chipped in another big night, the bullpen held down a lead, and Adam LaRoche lost the first home run to instant replay since replay was instituted last year. I guess the fact that it was an RBI double sort of dampened the blow.

This is the great thing about baseball; two days after we were mired in an eight game losing streak, we’re seeing some of the good things that we liked so much in April again. I just wish we could’ve piled on one more run and matched the Pens’ final. That would’ve been cool.

Pat Lackey

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