Game 35: Pirates 3 Marlins 2

The Pirates won tonight. Brad Lincoln threw six solid innings, Rod Barajas hit a home run, Pedro Alvarez had a huge double in a tie game in the top of the sixth, and the bullpen was great. 

After the sixth inning, the Pirates got three runners on base. One of them was Rod Barajas, who lead off the seventh with a double. He was thrown out going from second to third when Clint Barmes attempted to bunt him over. With a one run lead in the seventh inning, Clint Barmes attempted to bunt Rod Barajas to third base with zero outs. That makes Barmes the second base runner. He was thrown out attempting to steal second with two outs, ending the seventh inning. In the ninth inning, Alex Presley drew a two-out walk. On literally the second pitch, he was thrown out trying to steal second base. Literally, every single Pirate that reached base after they took the lead tonight was thrown out on the base paths. This is insane. This is unacceptable. How is a team that can barely reach base suppose to ever score if they’re not allowed to stay on base? 

Don’t think that I’ve said my last about this. 

Pat Lackey

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