Game 36: Marlins 6 Pirates 2

As games go, there’s not much to talk about from this one, I don’t think. The Pirates’ offense was predictably inept against Josh Johnson (they scored in the first inning on the strength of an Andrew McCutchen walk and back to back singles Pedro Alvarez and Garrett Jones, but that was mostly it) and Kevin Correia had one terrible inning in the fourth that torpedoed the Pirates’ chances to win. 

Correia was really bad and I think it’s time the Pirates take a look at someone else for his rotation spot, but that’s another post (for tomorrow, specifically), I think. What I think is worth mentioning here is that ever since the Pirates’ offense had a mini-breakout against the Cardinals and Braves, scoring 6+ runs three times in four games, the Pirates haven’t gotten back over the five-run barrier. In ten games since then, the Pirates have only scored 28 runs. Correia was bad tonight, but this offense just isn’t going to cut it.

Pat Lackey

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