Game 39: Pirates 2 Phillies 1

It’s hard to believe I’m typing this, but while Roy Halladay was good tonight, Zach Duke was better. At least, he was better in his six innings, holding the Phils to six hits, one run, and striking out five while Evan Meek, Joel Hanrahan, and Octavio Dotel slammed the door shut with three hitless, scoreless innings. Perhaps more surprising were the nine hits that helped the Pirates scrape out two runs against Halladay.

There’s not much else to say here. Duke pitched well and stayed out of trouble and Meek, Hanrahan, and Dotel were excellent. That gave the offense a chance to win and they did juuuuuust enough. Despite yesterday’s debacle, the Pirates actually won a road series. Now, they get the struggling Brewers at home before interleague play starts. We’re nearly a quarter of the way into this season, and I’m still not sure I have a handle on this team. That’s not a bad thing.

Pat Lackey

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