Game 60: Braves 5 Pirates 0

If you asked me for a worst-case scenario from this one, I would've said, "Wandy Rodriguez leaving the game in the first inning, pointing to his elbow." If you asked me for a second-worst case scenario from this one, I would've said, "Shut out by Julio Teheran with 11 strikeouts, two walks and a hit." 

Not much else to say here. There's no word on Rodriguez right now other than that the Pirates say he left with "forearm tightness," which could be anything. At this point, it seems like a safe bet that Charlie Morton will start for the Pirates on Saturday instead of making his last rehab start with Indianapolis. Calling Morton up for the weekend series against the Cubs would allow the Bucs to get away without a fifth starter until next Saturday (the 15th), but as it stands now, if Rodriguez goes on the disabled list the options are (in both alphabetical order and order that I'd prefer to see them): Gerrit Cole, James McDonald, and Andy Oliver. 

Pat Lackey

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