Game 72: Pirates 3 Indians 2

Apparently, my decision to go see a movie tonight caused me to miss quite a Pirate game. There are still a few things I’d like to comment on.

Andrew McCutchen has, to this point, surpassed every single expectation I had for him when he was called up. He’s been an electrifying presence on the Pirates since his callup; unlike anything we’ve had on the Pirates in years because of his young age. But of everything he’s done, working Cliff Lee for a walk with the bases loaded in a one run game after falling behind 0-2 might be the single thing that’s impressed me the most. How many 22 year-olds have the patience or eye to do that? How many players of any age?

That said, it also needs to be noted that his walk-off hit was set up entirely by Jack Wilson’s heads up base running. With John Russell ejected, Gary Varsho somehow decided it was a good move to have his white-hot rookie bunt the winning run to third base with no one out. I can’t speak for Varsho, but I know if I had to choose between having McCutchen bat with the winning run on second and Nyjer Morgan batting with the winning run on third, I’d take my chances with ‘Cutch. Wilson followed the wheel play into third, though, and when ‘Cutch didn’t get a bunt down he stole the base, allowing Matt Herges to pitch to McCutchen and give up the game winning hit.

I’ve been trying to not get too excited about McCutchen because he’s so young and at some point, he’ll come back to earth and struggle a bit, but damn, it’s hard to not be psyched about this kid.

Pat Lackey

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