Game 87: Phillies 5 PIrates 2

Honestly, I turned the game off in the first inning when Adam LaRoche stabbed a hard hit grounder by Chase Utley and Virgil Vasquez stood on the mound with his thumb up his ass instead of covering first. I think I made the right decision. The fans need a break from the Pirates as much as the players need the All-Star break right now.

Congrats to Zach Duke. He’s certainly earned his All-Star berth with his work this year, even if he’s got to have one of the worst overall career resumes of any pitcher to make the team. Hopefully, he’ll keep pitching well enough that this doesn’t become a punchline in future years. I’m starting to compile the PitchFX data now so that hopefully over the break I’ll be able to do a post or two on Duke and what’s made the difference for him this year.

Pat Lackey

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